Family plan - all under one roof?


Family plan - all under one roof?


Hi there


My sister is a doting Aunt and keen to share the Spotify love. She hoped to update her account, so that myself and my oldest child can be part of the same family.


I've seen the details and small print - and quite understand you wouldn't want 5 families on 5 continents benefitting, but a single Aunt, with no other children can't do it? Seems rather restrictive and 'one size fits all'?


We won't be getting a premium account otherwise, so it's only Spotify who miss out (ok not by much, but...!)


Have I understood it all correctly? There's no way a single adult in a family (under their own roof) can share it with a brother and her niece?





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Re: Family plan - all under one roof?

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Hey @mac98aop,


We totally support sharing the Spotify love but currently Premium for Family is only possible for family members residing at the same address. You can read more on this here. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

All the best 🙂