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Google Home Mini Promotion


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I’ve just spent over 2 hours going between Spotify and Google over this issue. Both companies have been blaming the other and neither one will fix this issue. I finally got a Spotify agent in chat and if you signed up for this promotion already having a free account they will not honor it. They basically told me tough luck. I immediately canceled my Spotify account and will be filing a complaint with the BBB for false advertising. I’d suggest anyone else in this situation do the same. This was a great gimmick to sign up new Premium members but they appear to have no plans to honor it.

Re: Google Home Mini Promotion

Music Fan

For the people who signed up and it wasn't free (I moved from Student to Family Account with plans on surprising my family for Christmas) I am not getting honored either it seems. I haven't got a response from Spotify yet.

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Just updating this thread with events since my last post.  I received a follow-up email from Spotify Support on 12/15 stating that the promo ended on 12/14 (which contradicted the original email), they could not provide a new link, and they realize how "disappointing" it must be for me that I did not receive the Mini.  I responded that I WAS disappointed in Spotify's very poor customer service and that I no longer wanted to do business with a company that cannot be trusted to stand behind its advertising.  I also told them that I planned to cancel my premium subscription.  Later, on 12/22, I received an email from Spotify Support with a new link to redeem the Google Home Mini.  I went through the process, and it appears to have been successful as the discount was applied and Google has notified me that my device has shipped.  I am appreciative of Spotify stepping up and sending another link, but it is awfully strange how many different answers I got from various chat reps and Spotify emails on this subject.  I hope that Spotify management takes the time to review "lessons learned" from this whole experience.