Help! Skipping, pausing and driving me mad


Help! Skipping, pausing and driving me mad



Hi there


Having problems with Spotify and think it could also be to do with my Sonos.


Tracks skip randomly, pause and often stop altogether. 


I’ve tried playing songs through Sonos app and also through Spotify app individually and they both cause the same issues.


I don’t get any error messages on either app.


I’ve tried un-installing and re-installing Spotify app, but no change.


Can’t keep paying for this Spotify service if it doesn’t work, so hopefully someone can help.


I have 4 x Sonos Play 1 speakers on a Virgin fiber optic broadband connection if that helps. We have no problems with internet speed issues when it comes to streaming services. I use my iPhone 7 for the apps


Many thanks for reading and hoping for some answers

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Re: Help! Skipping, pausing and driving me mad

Spotify Legend

Hey @chris_h_1981,


It sounds like someone else is using your account, thus pausing your music. You might be logged in on another device where your account is being used. This is especially likely if you have Premium for Family. 


Make sure to log out everywhere, and reset your password just to be sure. If you have Premium for Family or people living in the same household, make sure they log out from their accounts and log back in with their own account details. Accounts are not to be shared and everyone is to have their own accounts. 


Hope that helps, and let us know how it goes :)

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