How can I share a playlist with my daughter's Spotify Kids?


How can I share a playlist with my daughter's Spotify Kids?








HTC phone; iPad


My Question or Issue

Yesterday on my daughter's Spotify Kids app while trying to add Suzuki violin pieces to her favourites list, I found out that you can now share playlists with your children. Great! Except that it then stated I had no playlists to share. However, I do have playlists, not many, but I do have them and I don't know why it told me I don't have any. Anyway, disregarding that for a moment, I read on. Go to Settings, User account then Shared playlists. I went to my phone, went to Spotify settings, tapped on my name, and up came my 3 Public playlists, but no 'shared' playlists. On Spotify Kids, it said I basically have to find this Shared Playlists list, and click on whatever one I want to share with her. When I click on a playlist, it just opens it; there is no option to share it to Spotify Kids. There is of course an option to share, but that gives me the whole Facebook, Twitter, copy link etc list, none of which is helpful when trying to give my daughter a playlist into her Spotify Kids app as there is nowhere she can put a link and it won't allow searching for other than what is already there (and the Suzuki violin pieces are not there). I also tried on this laptop (Windows 10). There is no way to do it. It's really great that it's apparently a thing now (as I see from past posts that many people suggested this), but it doesn't seem to be working!