How work spotify family


How work spotify family

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Hi, I'm Vincenzo and i use spotify from 1 year. Now i have the spotify premium....

But there is my girlfriend, my cousin and etc that would do spotify family together.

The problem is that: in the account optinios i don't see anything abount my address and i know that to do family subscription all the people need to live in the same address...

Can you help to know how it work and how can we enter the address? 

P.S: Sorry for my bad english!

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Hi @Enzo720 and welcome to Spotify Community! :)

Yes, you are correct! All users on the plan must physically live at the same address.
There is a full support FAQ for the Family plan located at this link. I also have copied over the "get started" portion below for you to walk through the steps.
As long as all users can be confirmed with the address they should have no problem accepting your invites once you have it up and running.

Good luck!
(P.S. No worries, your English is just fine! :)


If you start a Premium for Family plan, you’ll be the plan's owner and are responsible for:

  • The plan's monthly payment.
  • Inviting or removing members on the plan.

Go to our Premium for Family page to sign up!

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • It’s not possible to purchase Premium for Family with a gift card .
  • You can’t combine it with any trials, or offers such as the student discount.
  • If you're subscribed to Spotify Premium through another company (e.g. your broadband/mobile provider), you need to cancel your subscription with them to upgrade to Premium for Family
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Re: How work spotify family

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HI, thank you so much for your answer, I really appreciate that.

I already saw this article on the website but my question is: Where I have to insert my address and where the other have to insert the address ?


Re: How work spotify family

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