I want to change my family accounut with a new one


I want to change my family accounut with a new one


I am a member of a family account. But I want to leave the exceed one and create a new one. I wonder if I lose my Playlist etc. How should I chance my family account? 







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Re: I want to change my family accounut with a new one


I do believe you will not be able to leave the family subscription unless the family "Owner" removes you from the suscription. You won't lose your playlist when you change from premium to free and then back to premium as you it is still the same account, you will just have to re-download songs and possibly listen to a couple ads for the time period in-between switching plans. You have to be careful though, when did you join the first family subscription, as you cannot change change family 2 times per 12 months.



1. Ask spotify family 'Owner' to go to the spotify website and log in.

2. After loggin in, they  will be redirected to the account overview page, they can scroll down and select 'Manage your family accounts'.

3. Then they can go to your name in the list and select remove.

4. You will then have a free account.

5. You can then ask the 'Owner' of the new family group you want to join and be sent the link to join the family. 


You should not lose your playlists. If this worked, please give it kudos down below and select to make it a solution.

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Re: I want to change my family accounut with a new one


Hey there @Gnckrblt,


Thanks for posting about this here in the Community and welcome!


No worries, you can leave the Premium for Family plan you're part of. Here's how you can do that:

  1. Log in to your subscription page
  3. Here you can either choose to switch to another type of paid subscription such as standard Premium or Premium for Students, or return to the free Spotify service.

Once you've reverted to Free, you can sign up for Premium for Family here.


Let us know how things go! We'll be right here if there's anything else we can help with. 


Have a lovely day :)

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