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Plan familiar


Plan familiar


Buen día, estoy aburrido de las 36 cuotas por 22.000 pesos de mi spotify familiar, quiero seguir usando la app pero no encuentro la solución de que esta se debite en una sola cuota, dónde puedo dirigirme o donde tengo que programar para que esta se debite a una cuota. 


Alvaro V.

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Re: Plan familiar

Spotify Legend

Hey Alvaro, help's arrived.


We hope you don't mind us replying in English. It sounds like you want to pay for Premium for Family in a lump sum instead of monthly. This is currently not possible, but there may be a workaround for you. It may be possible to pay for regular one year worth of regular Premium, and then upgrade that to Premium for Family. The next payment date will be moved forward because of the price difference though, and you'll still have to pay monthly after that if you don't redo this procedure when it's time to pay again.


Find more payment options (including one year payment) on the upgrade page, or use a gift card to upgrade to Premium and then turn that into a Premium for Family subscription. 


Hope that helps 🙂