Play on multiple devices with family plan


Play on multiple devices with family plan

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So here is my issue, I have an Echo device at home that my kids use quite a lot. When I am at the gym I also play spotifiy. Now when my kids start a song at home I cant hear music in the gym anymore. Would a family plan allow me to stream on multiple devices? Also I would like to create a playlist for my kids but not on my account. They are to young to use a computer yet so I would like to switch between their and my account quickly to create playlists. Is that possible?







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Re: Play on multiple devices with family plan

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Hi @stephan1827

The Spotify family plan allows you to have 5 additional accounts which can have premium without paying extra.

So in your case, you can create a separate account for your children and use that on your Amazon Echo. That way your account and the echo can play at the same time and your music won't pause anymore.

As for account switching, you can use the web player in your browser along with Incognito mode to use the kids account to create playlists without having to log out your own account.

Happy listening 🙂