Premium Upgrade


Premium Upgrade


I upgraded my daughter's premium account to a family account.  My other daughter was able to accept her invitation and set up her profile.  My wife and I recieved the invitation and when we click "accept' in the email it takes us to a page ab payment.  There is no "redeem" button as per the instructions.  Please help.  My daughter created her account on Spotify not through a 3rd party.

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Hey @rkitzerow, welcome to the community!


We'll gladly help you out.


To join a Premium for Family plan, each family member must sign up for their own Spotify account.


If you already own a Spotify account, make sure you're logged in with it here, before clicking the "Accept Invite" button from the email invitation.


We also suggest clearing your browser's cache and cookies or using an incognito window to accept the invite.


Let us know how it goes.

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Re: Premium Upgrade

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I'm experiencing the same problem, I'm trying to accept the invite for family premium.


I've received the invitation through my email, after I clicked on ACCEPT INVITE, I was re-directed to log in to Spotify, after I logged in, nothing happened.



"If you already have a Free or Premium account: the “Redeem token” web page will open in your browser with a long redeem token number pre-filled in Token. ClickREDEEM."



That part is not happening after I log into my account and I've already tried using a different browser, incognito etc.



This is so frustrating

Please help!