Problem in using Premium for Family


Problem in using Premium for Family


Hi, almost two years ago I upgraded my Premium-subscription to a Premium for Family-subscription so that my daughter and my partner could enjoy there own Spotify-account. Inviting my partner went flawless, which was (is) not the case with my daughter. In some way my account (using my e-mail address as login) got mixed up with her account (using her facebook-account as login). Since then that account mentions my name and her FB-profile photo. At several occasions I tried to solve this problem by contacting Spotify-account but in fact it never got solved. Tired of all the hassle I gave up at last and so since then my daughter and I can't use Spotify simultaneously.

Today my frustration about my Spotify for Family-subscription reached a new level. My partner's son got his first smartphone and so I invited him to my subscription. Result: he got an error-message saying he can't be accepted to my subscription as he is already connected through another Family-account. Which is impossible as I created his first e-mail address only 5 minutes earlier.

So in short: my partner's account is the only one working properly out of the 5 possible accounts I pay for. Can someone help me finally solve this?