Problem with simultaneous use of Premium Family


Problem with simultaneous use of Premium Family




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For a couple of days now, my wife and I haven't been able to use Spotify simultaneously. We both try to use it on a laptop. When I am listening to Spotify and she opens Spotify as well, my music stops and I get the message that Spotify is being used on another device.

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Re: Problem with simultaneous use of Premium Family

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Hey @supergizmo81,


Good to have you on the Community 🙂


The way Premium for Family works is that each person creates their own Spotify account first if they do not already have one. For everyone to create a Spotify account they will need their own email address. 


It seems like your wife is logged into your account, but she needs her own one 🙂


Once she has her own Spotify account you then invite her to join your family plan and then she needs to sign in with that account in the app. Make sure everyone enters the same home address when it asks for verification.


Then everyone will be able to listen on their own without interrupting the other users.


Let us know if that clears things up! Take care 🙂