Queue a song on Premium for Family


Queue a song on Premium for Family




I've had the premium for family plan before and it has worked just as intended.


But since I renewed it, after letting it run out to get my billing date closer to my pay day, I cannot queue songs on my mobile phone (Android). I get the "You have found a premium feature, sign up for premium now". But since I have an active Premium for Family subscription that shouldn't be an issue.


My wife on the other hand, who is on the same family plan, can queue songs on her mobile (iPhone).


So far I've tried signing out and in again with no success. Any other tips?



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Re: Queue a song on Premium for Family


I spoke with a Spotify support agent and tried signing out/in again (didn't work) but then they suggested uninstalling and reinstalling the entire app to force it to reconnect with your new membership status. It worked for me! So maybe give that a try 🙂