Queue stopped working


Queue stopped working

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Samsung Galaxy J3, HP Notebook


Operating System

Windows 10


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 I recently got Spotify premium, and as of a few days ago, Spotify won't allow me to add songs to my queue. When I look under options for a song (the 3 dots next to the title), the 'add to queue' option is still there, but when I press it, the 'added to queue' banner doesn't appear and the song isn't there when I view my queue. Is this something I can fix? 

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Re: Queue stopped working


Hey @HHolmes!


Is this happening on all devices? If just on a specfic one, let us know the make-model, operating system version and Spotify version. In the meantime, we suggest restarting your device, logging out and in of Spotify and checking if it makes any difference. 


Keep us posted :)

Re: Queue stopped working

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Good evening!
I think my phone updated the app last night, and my queue is working again.
Sometimes apps on my device won't work correctly if they're not fully
updated, which is a newer feature that I need to learn more about.
Thanks for the help!

Re: Queue stopped working


Hey @HHolmes.


We're glad to hear everything is up and running with the latest version.


Feel free to open a new thread if anything else comes up. We're here to help.



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