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Re: The Tip-Off: DyE


Heres the tip Organizers of Spotify I as the parent provide for my 20yr old Dependent Student studying in another State of Australia because we had no option - she is fully funded by this Family and resides at this address as her home address when she can.

Now with your new terms we are now up for another $6 per month as it reads- this extra cost to our family along with all the other costs of fully supporting her interstate may mean to your income the difference of loosing the whole $18/month family subscription as it will tip the balance, having to paying a futher $6 per month. You have effectively priced yourselves out of our market - Greedy on your part. Dissapointing after 3 year of subscriptions. Family is Family regardless when you are still supporting them financially - think about that when your in the same situation?

Thanks For nothing - will be voting with my feet. Cheers Naomi


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Re: The Tip-Off: DyE

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Hi @paraskov1957,


Thanks for sharing. You could create a new idea for other subscription models.


Also note that this is a user community, we cannot change the business model of spotify.




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