Spotify Family Verification


Spotify Family Verification


I have a familiy supscription in Singapore and it worked for about a month. A week ago they sent an email asking us to verify living at the same address. My family members replied but were still kicked out. Now they can't join the family. I've sent another invite but it says "You are unable to join this family plan". 


Is there a way to fix this? 


Thank you!


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Re: Spotify Family Verification


Hey @benangse,


Welcome to the community! That's not cool, let's see what we can do.


We recommend you check out this page. Especially the part that says 'Why was I removed from the Premium for Family plan?'.


Let us know how that goes! Have a nice day :)

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Re: Spotify Family Verification


The suggested answer is NOT helpful at all!! What does it mean "may be restored with premium plan". So there's no way to re-verify the address?? I missed the verification email and I've been trying to resend the invite and re join/re verify and it's just not possible. 


Wanted to send email and honestly the help page doesn't even state the support email I had to Google. Is spotify really interested in providing support? FYI not everyone uses twitter.