Upgrading 3 month $0.99 Subscription to Family Premium


Upgrading 3 month $0.99 Subscription to Family Premium

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I presently have a 3 month promo Premium subscription which was $0.99.  I wish to upgrade to Family Premium.  I will be the owner of the family account and will invite other family members.


Do I cancel the $0.99 subscription and re-subscribe with a family membership, or just use the CHANGE option?


When I started the CHANGE option, I got the message: If you confirm, your plan will change immediately. Starting 5/3/19, you’ll pay $17.99 automatically each month, but you won’t be double-charged for days you’ve already paid for ... does that mean that I will continue with the promo subscription until 5/3/19 (nearly 6weeks more) but as a FAMILY account, or will the family account not start until that date and upon first payment of $17.99?  If the former is correct, then that would be better value than cancelling and re-subscribing.

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Re: Upgrading 3 month $0.99 Subscription to Family Premium

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Hey @Starruby


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To upgrade from Premium to Premium for Family, you just need to visit

Doing this will revert your remaining Premium time into Premium for Family time and this can bring your payment date forward 🙂


Hope this clears things up!