Won't link to google home


Won't link to google home

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Daughter has google home in her room. I was a Premium user, and I switched to Premium for Family as I was tired of listening to my music in one room, only for it to go silent and I would hear Taylor Swift in her room. She would use voice activation to play her songs and playlists.


Successfully added her as an active user on Premium for Family.


Since switching to Premium for Family, the device in her room will not connect to spotify. I have linked it / unlinked it / linked it on the google home app, several times. But no matter what, the device thinks it is not linked, for some reason. 


I expect someone will advise that the problem is with the google home, rather than spotify, but my question is, what occurred in the switch from Premium to Family Premium to make the speaker turn its back on spotify? Is it because she does not have a phone, and consequently, no app?


Now she has no music in her room at all :( She can go on my phone, choose her music and play it through her speaker alright. But that is really just the speaker and my phone being linked. 


What is going on???


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Re: Won't link to google home


Hey @nfxa113,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community. We're happy to help.


It seems that for some reason your Spotify account and Google Home got disconnected. No worries, you can restore the connection following these steps:

  • Download the Google Home app and open it
  • Tap the menu in the top-left corner
  • Tap 'Account Preferences'
  • Tap 'Media Accounts'
  • Select 'Spotify'
  • Tap 'Yes, Link Account'
  • Log in to Spotify (if you don’t already have a Spotify account, you can create one by tapping Sign up to Spotify)
  • Authorise the linking of accounts

Let us know if that helps! Have a nice day :)

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Re: Won't link to google home

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Thanks for the advice, but I have done all that at least 15 times and it doesn't work. 


It says they are linked on the Google Home app, but when I give the the speaker a prompt, eg, "Hey Google, play music by Roy Orbison" it says "you need to link your spotify account. You can do that in the google home app"


I'm going round in circles. 




Re: Won't link to google home


I have another problem but with the same result: I can't use spotify (for Family) with my google home. My Spotify Premium for Family account there isn't in the 'Account Preferences'!