family plan different countries for months


family plan different countries for months


I live with my sister in Colombia, but for work, I have to be in India for 9 months, can I still use the family account?






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Re: family plan different countries for months

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Hi @DanielVilla94

Yes, you can use Family Subscription account while in a different country. As long as you permanently reside with your sister, you can use Spotify while traveling.

If you need more info for Family, you can check the official FAQ thread.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

Happy listening 🙂


Re: family plan different countries for months


Weird. I was told a couple of years back that the family plan only worked while members were under the same roof - so my daughter wouldn't be able to use a family plan account when she's away at school in the US instead of back home in Canada. That was why I cancelled the Premium Family Plan and stuck with Google.  Google doesn't care.  But if I was given false information, that changes things. Especially since I'm not thrilled about the YouTube Music thing ...


Hmmm ... I wonder if it was because I was out of the country (travelling) when I tried signing up for the family plan. Sounds like others have run into that too.