family premium horror nightmare


family premium horror nightmare

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I decided to upgrade from premium to family. I naively filled the address without thinking it was going to be asked every member and that I wouldn't be able to change it or read it later.


Address required to fill both first line and street number. I didn't provide any street number as I don't have any. 


I sent the first invite to my wife and the confirmation form forces you to provide one which we don't have.


I went back to the settings on the desktop website. No option to read or edit what I actually provided earlier. 


I checked the forums and help support  and the suggestion is to cancel family and re subscribe.


I go to settings and do so, but it fails saying payment method is invalid. But I've been using the same method for 6 years in a row at least. 


I go to the payment settings and it doesn't let me change from paypal to card.


Now I cannot even recover premium. I'm locked in the basic account. 


Please I want to stay premium, please spotify stop wanting your users to run away!!!


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Re: family premium horror nightmare


Hi @marianolatorre, thanks for coming to the Spotify Community.

Sorry to hear you’re having some trouble paying for Premium at the moment. I’d recommend checking out this guide to payment problems right here: Payment troubleshooting. Please get back to me here if that doesn’t work for you. Thanks!