why can my family only play on one device at a time?


why can my family only play on one device at a time?

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If one family member tries to play music on google home, while another is also playing music on another device, we get the message "Sorry, the music stopped since your spotify account is being used on another device"


I've upgraded us to Premium Family accounts -- but this didn't change anything - there doesn't seem to be any way to play in more than one place.


If I'm driving, and someone at home asks the google speaker to play music, the music in my car stops.


If I'm listing to music in the living room, and the kid asks the speakers to play in her room, my music stops.


If I'm at work listening to music on my headphones, and someone gets home and starts music, my music at work stops.


why why why?


It's driving us nuts - why can't we play different music at the same time? What's the point of a family account if only we can only stream music to one device at a time?


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Re: why can my family only play on one device at a time?


Hey @shinybr3nda,


Thanks for reaching out.


Your Family members can indeed listen on different devices at the same time, without interrupting each others playback. They have to be logged in to their own personal Spotify accounts. These can be added by the Premium Family manager to the plan so that they can enjoy Premium. You can find out how to do this and other useful info on Premium Family here


Hope this helps. If something else comes up feel free to contact us again.

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