Activated Student premium but don't have it


Activated Student premium but don't have it


About a week ago I tried to activate Student premium. At first it wasn't working (the process started, I gave there my name and everything, but I couldn't move to verifying) and then i figured out, I gave there different email adress (on which there is no Spotify account and never was).


EDIT: I tried to find out, if there is na acount on the 'wrong' email adress and there is one, but the student premium isn't working on there either.


However, then I put there the right email adress, it finally started doing something. I verified that I'm student (on my Universitie's page) and then it started loading and nothing happened, there was just the loading screen. I closed the window and tried to do it again, but I can't, because 'I'm already verified somewhere', but the Student premium is not working. So now I don't know, what to do.


Every time I put there my phone number to tell me, when the verification is done, but no message came.


Can I somewhere find out, where my Student premium is now? Or what else can I do, if the premium is not active even though I'm verified? Please help...


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Re: Activated Student premium but don't have it

The same thing happened to me. My student account was verified but the discount was not applied. Everytime I try to change the subscription to student premium through SheerID it says that I have already used the verification but I am still paying the full spotify premium price. I can't seem to find any reason behind it or any kind of help to sort it out. Haven't received any message or email about it all.

Re: Activated Student premium but don't have it


Hey folks,

Thanks for reaching out to us about this!

There's a handy Spotify Answer on this topic here which should contain all the steps necessary for resolving this issue.

Let us know how it goes! We'll be here in case you have any further questions.

Take care :)

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Account problem


I'm having the same issue. My account is verified as a student, but is the second month that comes a different and higher price.