Help With Re-applying For Student Discount


Help With Re-applying For Student Discount


I was having Premium for Students throughout 2018; at the start of January, it switched to Spotify Premium- I currently have Spotify Free. I am trying to re-apply for the student discount, but I am essentially stuck in a loop- I go back to the Help page, it gives me a link where I can re-apply for Premium for Students, I fill out the information to verify that I am a student, and it gives me an error, saying that the information is linked to another account, my account. How can I re-apply Premium for Students to my account? I am logged in to my own account when I try to re-apply. 


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Re: Help With Re-applying For Student Discount

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Try making sure that you are signed in to your account. I know it says that you are logged in to your account but log out of that account and relog back in. Also trying reapplying in incognito mode, if that doesnt work out try a different browser or device.