Hulu account issues


Hulu account issues


I am unable to sign into Hulu on all platforms, even though I have a student discount plan that clearly states I have Hulu included with a plan that is valid until February, 2020. I’d like to start off by saying I’m extremely unimpressed by Spotify’s support system, as not offering phone support is honestly rediculous. At the time of writing this, I’m almost ready to switch to another music streaming service, as I could have done so already with the time I’ve wasted trying to figure out this issue on my own. I’m not sure what information I can provide about the issue, other than the fact that I called Hulu (a company that actually offers decent support) and they quickly told me Spotify had cancelled my subscription. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


PS: Attempting to post this game me an error saying to try again in a few minutes. I’m in a bit of shock at how terrible this company is at helping fix issues. Please prove me wrong. I’m begging. 


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Re: Hulu account issues

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Could you please check your subscription status in your Spotify's account page?


Also, what happens if you sign in to Hulu?


I'd suggest checking this article about Spotify Premium for Students.


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Re: Hulu account issues

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i also just went through this with the chat support. by the terms and conditions of the promo spotify has to handle all cancellation requests and issues.


my issue started when i updated payment information with my new credit card. i went to watch Hulu and it kept asking me to pick a plan and pay. i check my account and i see that i still have premium with hulu service. so i contact hulu they point me back to spotify becuase spotify canncelled the service. i contact the spotify support and the rep just says the offer is not in the system to select to add back on to my account but they confirm that i did indead have the bundle in my name.


i asked for some help in resolving the issue to try to get them to go look for a solution and they just would not do it and just told me to wait for the next time the bundle comes out. which perplexes me, if you know the bundle will come out periodically why not have a way to reinstate the service for a premium user (of 7 years) when clearly the system glitched out?


i really hope someone higher up sees this post and knows how to fix the issue. they need some kind of code or to allow whatever account/user tracking system to reinstate services and not try to take back an offer just because they system messed up. it feels cheap and honestly disrepectful. especially when the rep keeps saying "dont worry you can still enjoy your premium spotify services." nO DuH mAn, but i cannot watch my shows on spotify.  if feel like the agreement for this bundle has not been honored at all. 


Re: Hulu account issues


I'm having a similar issue. I wanted to watch hulu on my tv but I was signed out, and when I logged in it said I needed to re-subscribe. I checked my spotify account and it showed I was on the premium plan instead of the student one. This is very annoying since I just graduated college in May, so I can't verify my school again and I wanted to keep the plan for as long as possible.

I would be more understanding if there was some notice of my plan being changed (since, ya know, that costs money). Or, if hulu was no longer being offered / if there was a technocal problem, maybe tell me about it?