Issue renewing premium for student


Issue renewing premium for student

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I started my premium for student account last year and I got the email saying it was ending by 9/29. I just went to renew it and it keeps giving me the message:

"Unfortunately, we couldn't confirm that you're a student. Please check your details and try again.
If we still can't confirm your details, you won't be charged. Any pending charges on your card statement will disappear in a few days."


I looked at the FAQ on why it wouldn't work. I haven't used the discount on another account, my school is listed, and I obviously haven't had it for four years. I checked how to manually verify and it says it need something that has my full name, the name of the school, and the date of issue, and recommends using a transcript, schedule, or a registration or tuition reciept. I just started graduate school (I made the account while in undergrad) and I can't get a transcript because I have no grades. My schedule doesn't list my name or the school name. I paid through loans so I have no tuition receiept. My student ID doesn't even have all of this information. The closest thing I have is an automated email sent in early August from the school's ebill site saying I have an invoice, which does have my full name and the school's name, but I don't know if the date of the email counts as an "issue date within 3 months." Would this email suffice? Would sending this and a pic of my student ID (which has an expiration date in 2021) work? If neither of these will work, can I contact someone to get prove I am a student? 


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Hi @androjello,


Check This.


SheerId will do the verification.




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