Less time for Premium Student Account Verifying


Less time for Premium Student Account Verifying







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 Hello i want to use premium student account. Its the last day of sale in Turkey.(0.99 turkish liras for 3 months.)I sent my transkript but it didnt verify because today is Sunday. And its the last day...What should i do ?Thanks for helping to me. 

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Hello. Let me tell you about that issue. I am facing the same and I sent my student certificate on 27th October. Been sending mails asking if I can have the discount or not, all they do is write an empty mail full**bleep** and saying "send a mail to sheer id and forward their verification link to us". Yeah thanks I could've thought doing that but why don't you answer my question??? Then I asked again if I can use the discount, they pretended like they don't know anything. I will tell you what's going to happen: they won't answer your question until the verification code comes to you but AFTER THE DISCOUNT ENDS, and then they will tell you that discount is over and you cannot use that and they cannot do anything about that and they're sorry blablabla... Spotify is **bleep**. You can't reach them on any number, you can't talk to them, what you can do is sending an email and wait until they feel like answering it.

Re: Less time for Premium Student Account Verifying

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Hey there! @ayseguleralp 


I'd recommend in this case that you continue the account verfication process in order to get the Student Discount and then reach out to Spotify and they'll see if they are able to apply the discounted rate in this case.


I’d recommend reaching out to Spotify for more help with this. You can find some more info here on how to do this.


I hope this helps!

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