Premium problem


Premium problem


I just upgraded to the student premium account online, but for some reason the mobile app is not recognizing that I'm premium now. Ive logged out and in multiple times and it still asks me to sign up for premium. I don't want to put my credit card info in again and get charged twice. What do I do?


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So when you upgrade to Student Premium and send all of your documents in, SheerID checks if you're actually a student. This may take up to 28 days, even though it generally doesn't take so long. 


Check your email and Spam folders for an email from SheerID stating that you have to correct something in the documents you sent. Correct that and when the guys over at SheerID confirm that you're a student, you'll get a confirmation email from Spotify. 


If you haven't received any email from SheerID, just simply check if you've received an email from Spotify confirming your purchase. If you have received it, check the username on there an log in with that username. 


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