Spotify Premium for students in Québec


Spotify Premium for students in Québec


Hello ! I am a student from the province of Quebec, and I am very disappointed by the fact that I can't get the student discount. I know that it's because of some laws, but could you explain which laws and tell me more about that ? I also don't understand why with Apple Music, I could get the same type of discount (and I don't think Apple would go against the laws). I know that Apple Music uses UNiDAYS' platform to verify our student status, why don't you ? I prefer Spotify to Apple Music for several reasons, so I would be very disappointed to change just because of this...

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Hey @RolyBoy31 


Currently, as you know there is a law in Quebec that doesn't allow Spotify to offer the Student Discount to the consumers of Quebec. The reason why is because after your subscription time with Student Spotify has ended, in 4 years time, it will automatically revert your account to the standard charge of a premium account. According to the Quebec law of Consumer Protection Act, companies cant presume that you will pay for the content they provide thus because of a lawsuit/law that Quebec has filed against many companies like Amazon, Google, Spotify, LinkedIn, Audible and more Spotify isn't able to offer promotions or deals to the consumers in Quebec. These companies have to follow the proper guidelines in order to conduct business in Quebec. If they don't follow the laws instituted by the government in Quebec, they will be issued a hefty fine in order to come into compliance with the law. 


If you want to see the entire lawsuit that Quebec has filed against big companies  the file number is (File No: 500-06-000798-161) 


While reading the law and the statute, I've noticed that this Consumer Protection Act is actually quite interesting and beneficial to the people of Quebec. It really does protect the citizens of Quebec from possible presumptions that companies lay upon on their customers. However, I see that this law is also a hindrance to the people of Quebec because that means, companies will have to create a whole new business model in order to operate and come into compliance in Quebec. So overall there are some pros and cons with this law but the pros do outweigh the cons.


Hopefully, this answers your question about why the Student Discount isn't offered in Quebec.



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