Spotify Student w/ Hulu - not able to activate


Spotify Student w/ Hulu - not able to activate



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I recently changed my premium account to Student Premium account so that I would have access to Hulu and Showtime. Upon being approved for the Student Premium, I was able to successfully activate Showtime, but I am not able to activate my Hulu subscription. There was/is no "activate Hulu" button for me to click for Hulu, only a "start watching" button. When I click that button, it takes me to the standard Hulu homepage and offers the options to create a free-trial.

I tried working with Hulu to resolve the issue, but it was unsuccessful. Hulu provided me a link ( to follow to try and activate my subscription. I previously had a Hulu subscription that was inactive (as in I suspended it and was not paying for it anymore). Of the two options provided from the link, "I already have a Hulu account" and "I'm new to Hulu", I tried both and neither activated my Hulu subscription, they just brought me to the same page saying "Great news! Your Hulu and Spotify accounts are already linked!". The person I was working with from Hulu had me permanently delete my Hulu account so as to start from fresh. Once my account was successfully deleted, I followed the link again, and clicked "I'm new to Hulu." From there, the next page says "Great news! Your Spotify and Hulu accounts are already linked!" (I don't know how that's possible, as I NO LONGER HAVE A HULU ACCOUNT); I follow the next button - "Log in to Hulu" - to which I cannot log in as I do not have any log in information for Hulu. I tried signing in with my Spotify credentials, which was also unsuccessful. 

I just want to access Hulu. Please help. Thank you so much.

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I have the same issue, tweeted about the same to @spotifycares as well

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I have the same issues. Spotify said they fixed it on another thread but it’s not. Idk I might contact Hulu at this point. 

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Same issue here for about a week and a half. Contacted Hulu and they said it's an issue with Spotify's servers.

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Hey there everyone,


Thanks for posting about this here in the Community!


It sounds like your Spotify account is linked to the wrong Hulu account.


In that case, all you need to do is to cancel your subscription and resubscribe to Premium Student.


Once you've done that, you can activate your Hulu ad-supported plan with the right Hulu account from Your Services. It'd be a good idea doing that in an incognito or private window in your browser.


For more information on how Premium Student works, we'd suggest taking a look at this support site article


Let us know how you get on! We'll be right here if you need more help.


Have a lovely day :)

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