Student Verification Issue


Student Verification Issue


Plan: Premium Student

Country: UK


My Question or Issue

I have been using Spotify on a Premium Student plan for the last 2 years. This year however, I have been asked to verify my status through SheerID and it is a complete nightmare. I have no idea why the verification process can no longer be done through NUS or UniDays but stopping this was the worst decision. I tried 4 times to verify through logging onto my student portal when I first received my email to renew a few weeks ago. This did not work so I contacted the Spotify customer help team and was told I would have to wait until 7 days before my previous verification expired. So I I waited and now I still can't verify my student status. I have tried again to log onto my student portal 3 times with no luck. Therefore, I decided my only option was to upload documentation to prove that I am enrolled at my University. At this point I have uploaded 6 different documents, all of which fill the requirements (first and last name, date, Uni name, and course I am enrolled on), and yet every time I am told that it was unsuccessful. I've contacted SheerID only to be told that my documents mustn't meet the requirements. I have checked multiple times and they all 100% do. Obviously Spotify doesn't mind losing customers as I have come across many other people also having issues with verification but nothing seems to have been done. At this point I have ran out of options and will most likely have to go to another music streaming app... a more affordable one. As a full time student I simply dont have the money to be spending £10 a month on music when I should be getting a discount.