University Student Subscription- Notifications


University Student Subscription- Notifications

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Why do I not receive emailed notifications regarding the expiry date of my student subscription? Yes I know there is a "pop-up" that shows up on the app that warns us of the expiry coming up soon but it is really easy to miss especially when rushing to listen to music during a commute or studying session. Would an emailed notification letting users know in advance that their student subscription is coming to an end soon asking for too much? I have been charged 2 months at a rate of $9.99 before figuring out that my subscription was reverted to the regular instead of student. This means I have just lost 2 extra months of spotify premium just because of a lack of notice on  your end. This is extremely unprofessional resulting in me considering other music platforms and cancelling my premium subscription. On top of that, why do students have to re-authorize their student status EVERY YEAR? It is common knowledge that university programs are usually 3 or 4 years in length. 


Please bring change about my concerns.



An angry and hard-working student,



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Re: University Student Subscription- Notifications


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You should have received an Email notification 1 moth prior to the expiry of your Student discount for the current year. Make sure you've enabled automatic notifications from Spotify in your Account page.


If you've marked any previous emails from Spotify as Spam/Junk, this might explain why you haven't received the email.


The idea behind re-verifying every year is because some students drop out/ change their educational institution. There are also courses like Master degrees which are 1 year long in some countries.


Hope this clears things up. Don't hesitate to reach out again if you have questions.


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Re: University Student Subscription- Notifications

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I looked through my mail in junk and found the email there so thank you for that suggestion. As for the yearly re-verification, I still think it could use improvements. For instance, asking the student for start and graduating dates of their programs prior to verification would be an easy fix.

Thank you for your suggestions on the junk mail.