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2023 Music Wish List: What's On Your Music Wish List?


2023 Music Wish List: What's On Your Music Wish List?

During this upcoming Holiday Season, I have been filling out my wish list for the next year and a part of this list are Music Artists, Genres and Venues that I want to work within the next year. 


For US, We Hope To Work With The Following:

  • R&B Artist
  • Afrobeats Artist
  • Jazz Artist
  • Place Artists at SXSW
  • Land Rolling Loud for a Hip-Hop Artist



6 Replies

Well I'm a plain and simple Music Fan, so all I can wish for is new sounds from my favourite artists.
In particular - Figueroa, Amon's folky alias with the softest singing voice 💕.

However, there is so much new stuff coming in from all sides of the room, it's suffocating me. I also know Amon will be releasing something at some point too, so I'm actually quite content with what I have.


Well, I could also wish for LP's of my favourite (already existing) music.
Basically, Mazzy Star. Some records from Eva808. LNLNN from Gidge. All the older Amon records I do not have.
Also, if Ivy Lab would release a vinyl record of their newest album or some of their EP's, I'd be on it right away. : ) Oh man, if the record would contain Blonde or Together Plus Mute... 😳


Continuing being creative with fellow fans and making funny and silly stuff that end up as stickers/emojis in the relevant discord server, too.

This is a "simple" but amazing Wish List ... I am completely with you on a LP from Mazzy Star! That last project was on repeat way longer than it should have been lol. As a folk listener, Amon's catalog is something I am going to have to dive deeper into. 


Well Please continue to make fun and exciting content for the community and thanks for supporting my topic!

Great topic, @UndGndSupply!


Like @Sebasty, I’d consider myself to be a music fan; I enjoy listening to favorite tracks as well as unfamiliar releases that seem of interest. I revisit new and old music alike by artists that I either am already a fan of, or am just discovering and think that I might enjoy as well.


Since listening to music on Spotify in these ways is a favorite hobby of mine, the first things that come to mind for my 2023 music wish list have to do with continuing to appreciate music throughout the year (as I did this year). In doing so, I hope to:

  • Continue discovering music and adding new favorite tracks to my Liked Songs and playlists, as well as continuing to share music with other listeners and friends
  • Keep enjoying songs already in my Spotify library (I inevitably remove tracks from my Liked Songs and the public playlists on my Spotify profile over time, as music tastes can change with time as well; but I hope that I will continue to appreciate some, if not most, of these already-saved songs throughout 2023)
  • This one’s more specific: make a public playlist entitled “New Releases: 2023” for songs released next year that I will have saved to my Liked Songs. This will likely replace the “New Releases: 2020” playlist on my Spotify profile, since 3 years ago seems to me like a good (although arbitrary) limit as to which releases can be considered “new.”

And since I enjoy playing my guitars as well, I’m also considering adding another item to my 2023 music wish list, which is taking guitar lessons from an instructor (or enrolling in a music class). While I enjoy “jamming” on guitar with the currently playing song on Spotify or improvising with just my guitar, learning from a professional music instructor is something that I’ve considered for quite a while to help me improve my skills with this instrument, yet is something that I haven’t done before.



AdamDamSpotify Star
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Hey @TreyAnastasio,


Thanks for supporting the topic. Your 2023 plans seem pretty cool and a great way to support your favorite artists and discovering new talent. Love the idea of the "New Release: 2023" playlist. Please return and share the playlist when developed so I can find new artists to listen to.  



Hey There!!


I am a music fan and I've been working on this song and i would like to share it here and hope i'll find a way to make it public to spotify so people can listen too. it's not a spotify song it's just a sample before i somehow get it out there and you need good headphones to hear the bass because the bass is invisible to the computer speakers. 


so there are 2 versions of it the edit version and the unedited version and i hope this link works but it's to download the edit version (Edit Version) but the downloaded version is better. 

big thanks to flixier for helping me make this. 



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