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A yearly free month for 3 years?


A yearly free month for 3 years?

I just thought of a great idea. If I happened to hold off renewing my premium subscription to the end of this month (29th), then I could skip payment of the subsequent Feburarys of the next 3 years!


Problem, Spotify? 😏

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No way they would 

But when you leave premium they do roll out a BOGO but for 2 months free 

I get 12 months worth of premium for €120 using Gift cards selling at local stores in 1 mo, 3 mo, 6 mo. Each mo is €10.


Card purchases is €11,99 month, so I get 143,88 worth of Premium at 120 € only. It's like 2 months free.

This is only reason I use Spotify Premium, it's at good price with gift cards, everythnig else is so overpriced. Debit prices too.


11,99 mo is too much at AM and Spotify, since in podcasts you still hear ads.

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