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An urge against censorship, in relation to the Joe Rogan Podcast


An urge against censorship, in relation to the Joe Rogan Podcast

I have been a Spotify Premium member for multiple years now. The ever-growing music collection is presented best on the Spotify platform today. With the Joe Rogan Podcast announcing to be coming to Spotify, many people (myself included) were excited. To then find out that a large number of podcasts were removed in their entirety due to Spotify censorship rulings was astounding to me, to say the least. 

A simple tool is already implemented to label audio clips as “explicit content”. This same tool would suffice for the Joe Rogan Podcast episodes, rather than simply censoring them. By censoring full-length discussions in their entirety, Spotify puts forth the notion that the listeners are not capable of judging the material for themselves. 

The Joe Rogan Podcast, particularly, being the target of such censorship is an even larger problem for Spotify. A show that openly refuses to take stance on many of the topics it discusses, rather objectively discussing them with ample room for interpretation. A show that already has millions of supporters due to such a system. What makes you think that changing the system to align with your views is what any listeners want? The Joe Rogan Podcast is as successful as it is because of the way their system is working.


And so, I want to urge Spotify to cancel the censorship of the Joe Rogan Podcast. In doing otherwise, you will be setting a moral groundwork that reflects very poorly on the Spotify company as a whole. Inevitably leading many current consumers (myself included) to terminating their current support of your services, in search of a better one.


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Absolutely agree. If you are to not upload a few old episodes, please allow JRE to keep them on Youtube and everywhere else then you won't be associated with them but DON'T CENSOR.

Remember, this is coming from the same company that shadowbans podcasts with topics they don't agree with yet not a church-burning black metal artist.


Now Spotify has deleted over 100 episodes of the JRE. Unacceptable and un American. 

 I fully support free speech and will defend everyone's access to that fundamental right even if I disagree with them.  However, free speech presumes that it is fully representative of the truth, not fabrications, misinformation or partial truths.   I say drop ROGAN who likes misinformation (COVID) and hate speech (N-word).  I would love Spotify users to support dropping Rogan in a way that will get Spotify's attention.  Vote with your feet, by moving to some other  streaming service that is ethical.  

Sorry but you're spreading misinformation now.    Maybe we should drop you?   Joe Rogan did not use the "N" word as "hate speech."   It was dumb to say it at all given the sick culture we are in but he explained how and why he used the word and in what context and how the video that was made to tar and feather him was made of snippets that were all out of context.  Meanwhile, the hate speech coming from the Left each and every day - as well as the constant use of the "N' word by non-whites - is egregious.  The public is getting very tired of the disingenuous lies of the Left and of the "rules for thee but not for me" stance that they take and eventually something is going to break and the cancel culture vultures are going to lose their power very rapidly and forcibly.

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