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Ban Info Wars - Alex Jones.


Ban Info Wars - Alex Jones.

This is outrageous. Info Wars finally gets banned from YouTube and Facebook and now you start hosting him!?!?  I have been a member of Spotify since the start and became a paying member almost as soon as it was possible. I’m giving Spotify 1 month to realize their mistake and drop this complete pos or I’m going to iTunes. 

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Spotify must remove Alex Jones or I will cancel my account.

Cancelled family membership. C’mon, Spotify. Slacker Radio got right on it. What’s your problem?

I'm stunned that Spotify is participating in this hate speech and will be canceling my subscription,

Any suggestions for an Alexa compatible, and Alex Jones free, alternative to Spotify ?

I am one of many who will cancel my Spotify subscription if you don’t remove Alex Jones hate filled rabble rousing divisive speech. This is beneath you Spotify and doesn’t belong on your platform. If you object to hate, racism and outrageous lying then you need to remove this trash from your site. 

I mailed support saying I am giving them a week to entirely remove him from their platform or I cancel. HOW dare they host this man, who has literally driving grieving parents into hiding.



Excellent response. And now I read that Spotify have in fact thrown out the garbage so all’s well.

Unfortunately that’s not true. Run a search. They pulled some episodes but a LOT are left including recent episodes. Cancel your accounts. Hold Spotify accountable.

Thx for the update. Talk about being detached from reality. Even from a self serving corporate standpoint Spotify must realise that they have far, far more listeners who are anti Alex Jones than who actually listen to him. Do they have no ethical standards? Rhetorical!

Nope, still there as of 8/1/18

I will cancel my subscription if you continue to offer Alex Jones a platform to spread hate and lies.

So are you against all the hateful music that I know is on here and incites hate and violence based on nothing? Or is it in the name of art that makes you like it? Look up the first amendment. If you don't like something you don't have to listen to it. Once we start banning opinions it will never end. How would you feel if ideas you were in agreement with started getting banned everywhere? Jones never claimed that noone died. If he did, wheres the proof?? We have got to start treating situations as if they were in a REAL courtroom.  Without evidence or proof to back up an accusation, the case cannot stand. An accusation is not proof. Just because a supposed trusted source tells you something do you by default believe it so you dont have to think for yourself? C'mon people take your minds back! This is psychological and spiritual warfare were witnessing. Wake up and realize it without worrying about what people think of you.

Every company has rules about how it works and its operating principles. Once Ford Motor cars decides it want to sell cars to the public, it can't say, 'you're black, so I'm not going to sell it to you.'  But it has the right to make the car exactly the way it wants to make the car. And if you don't want to buy that car because it doesn't have a 3 liter engine then you don't and you move on. Spotify can deicde who it wants to host on its platform. If it decides that racist spewing hate speech is unacceptable then no 1st amendment is going to force them to accept it. Just like the 1st amendment doesn't protect you from shouting  'fire' in a crowded movie theater, neither does refusing to offer Alex Jones make you guilty of acting unconstitutionally. Spotify can use any criteria they like to determine who is offered and who isn't. I just hope they use the criteria of common decency and empathy. If they do this, they are not banning Alex Jones from his crank laden spiel but merely refusing to host his stuff on their platform.

If you really read my reply, youd notice that I didn't gear it towards spotify. This only reinforces my statement that a conclusion was jumped to. I know that spotify has the right to take it off. What I replied to was users calling for it to be removed and or banned or they will cancel their subscription. Ok then the same standard should be used against all the ridiculous so called music on the platform, correct? It's a very slippery slope. Once you start on that path of restriction, banning, etc for reasons that get into freedom of speech type reasoning, you've now opened up everything to that. If spotify wants to just remove certain podcasts that were about the Sandy Hook tragedy because it's so controversial,  fine, do it. I can sit here and say I'll cancel my subscription  if they DO remove infowars completely....but am I? Nope. I'm not trying to elevate myself to that kind of power and importance,  I'm simply standing up for freedom of speech. If alex jones is spewing nothing but hate and lies, why hasn't anyone proved him wrong on anything with proof? Wheres the video clips? Pictures? Recordings? Everyone wants to live in a utopia with unicorns and feel good actions all the time that reality has been overlooked for too long. I could go on and on forever on this topic, which is good, were supposed ese d to be able to debate like this openly. That's what makes this country the best there is! So thank you spotify for giving the users a SPOT to have a human conversation!

Spotify: Everyday that goes by with Alex Jones still being distributed on your platform hurts your brand. Do you think people are going to give you a pass just for deleting a few of his more egregious episodes? Whoever is running your public relations needs to fix this ongoing PR disaster.  I'm running out of patience and will delete my family account soon if you don't wake up and act decisively.

Realize that apple is run by the Chinese government now. They had to hand over a ton of their control to China in exchange for 0% tax rate. Dont ever think automatically that the story or headline you see or hear is it. China has their hands in almost everything in the USA. At least 15 years ago when I lived in oregon I saw all the hay being harvested and bailed by the railroad. Come to find out the Chinese had bought it all up and that's why it was going on the train to portland and shipped overseas. Just wait til something you hold dear and listen to or consider a valid source gets banned or taken from you... then you will remember all of this and how it started.

Certainly Chinese markets and manufacturing have an incluence on Apple, but I think that to say that Apple is run by the Chinese government is more than a little bit of hyperbole and doesn't necesarily contribute to a balanced and rational discussion.


Some years ago a Chinese firm bought rights to mine tailings near a place where we camped and canoed.  They spent I don't know how much money refurbishing a historically significant section ( the Hiawassee Loop ) of an abandoned rail line so that they could get the tailings out.  A couple of years later the operation to reclaim those mine tailings went under, but more than a decade later, the restored rail line is still used for scenic  excursions. 


Not everything the Chinese touch ends poorly for the US.


I commend Apple for dropping Infowars.   I'm still evaluating Apple Music as an alternative to Spotify.  As of right now, it's the direction that I'm most likely to jump.


Ignorance = bliss.

Hang on to your blue pill lifestyle while you can.

Look up the Chinese agenda of a social credit score. 

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