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Ban Joe Rogan now!


Ban Joe Rogan now!

Profiting from the distribution of deadly misinformation is immoral and shameful! I am a paying subscriber and if you don't remove him I will leave.Profiting from the distribution of deadly misinformation is immoral and shameful! Another paying subscriber leaving Spotify for a platform that supports the art of music and not Faux News. Ps. It was easy to find a way to export my playlists.

456 Replies

 Whether its Newsmax, some cult newspaper or Spotify, we vote with our subscriptions. 

   As much as I hate it, I'm leaving Spotify for another service over them profiting on deadly



 Thanks Neil for getting me fired up enough to change the channel. 






I do not need any politics in my music at all.

I would like to see any artist or pod-caster dropped from this and all platform that are meant to deliver neutral feeling and happiness to its users.

It is sickening that the socialist Democrats  are infecting the American way of freed m and attacking the FIRST AMENDMENT.

Leaving this sorry platform and moving to one with users happiness as it's core.

Social networking is DEVILISH and most of you who partake are well just going to **bleep**.

Drop both Neil Stupid Young and Joe Rogan to be fair.



American Us Army Military Vet. I love my Country and you should too.

Way to go Snotify! Lost a great artist because of your stupidity.

Rogan has to go! Man is an ignorant narcissist racist and he’s guests are also ignorant. I will cancel my subscription if Rogan stays. Spotify has to show some kind of social responsibility.

How about just focusing back on Music again, i don't want any Podcasts in Spotify, i have a seperate Apps and RSS Feeds for that, just delete all Podcasts and there's no Joe Rogan anymore, Problem solved. Otherwise i'm out of here



I support Joe Rogan, free speech and Spotify. Cancel Joe, I cancel Spotify.

Rogan over Neil Young? Absolutely disgraceful.  Neil Young has lifted us up for decades, people like Rogan are like a decay.  I love Spotify but if this holds I will be canceling.  

Podcasts are almost on every music app nowadays, even on concurrent apps.

Spotify stop prioritizing the guy from Fear Factor over musicians challenge






Spotify already took away streaming to DJ equipment for me. If they start censoring I'll move to Tidal the very next day.

Really disappointed that Spotify chooses to have Joe Rogan entertainment-misinformation and polarizing commentary over a legacy quality musician like Neil Young. Pathetic that shock jock garbage commentary is the Spotify preference. Will anyone remember JoeR in 5 years? Probably not. Will anyone remember Neil Young in 100 years? Absolutely!


I will consider moving to a more healthy music provider platform based on this. Not an issue at all to leave Spotify.


Get rid of Rogan. His misinformation programming should be on Parler where all the other lies live.

Spotify get rid of Rogan's podcast and all his lies!! I've been trying to cancel my premium Spotify account. I had no idea Spotify was broadcasting such misinformation on its platform. I would have cancelled my account long ago. I already added Apple Music to my Verizon account. Soon as I figure out how to cancel this account, I will.

Spotify shame on you for being a platform where lies and hate is broadcast!!!

Shame on you Spotify... Been with Spotify since startup... Hope more artist to follow Neil...Next step Spotify - A podcast with Putin togheter with Luchashenko spreading their true information...or Hello all Talibans with instruction how to pay contribution...good luck ... It's Rogan or us paying members

Shame on Spotify for choosing an irresponsible personality  whose misinformation threatens the lives of thousands of people over Young!
Even twitter and facebook demonstrate some social responsibility.


I had NO idea Spotify was supporting the lies and hate that Joe Rogan spews! Am using Apple Music now. Getting rid of Spotify!

Hi, joined Spotify for its music but seems I am about to leave because of political and ridiculous podcast(s). Now it is Joe Rogan in the US, what is next? Bad bad bad …

Perhaps lower price for only listen to music without any other **bleep** and offer pod casts as an paid option?

Dump Rogan!  I joined Spotify for music, not trash talk.  Neil warned us about this many years ago.  Keep on Rockin in the New World 😞


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