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Ban Joe Rogan now!


Ban Joe Rogan now!

Profiting from the distribution of deadly misinformation is immoral and shameful! I am a paying subscriber and if you don't remove him I will leave.Profiting from the distribution of deadly misinformation is immoral and shameful! Another paying subscriber leaving Spotify for a platform that supports the art of music and not Faux News. Ps. It was easy to find a way to export my playlists.

456 Replies

Who says politics is in your music? Don't click on Joe Rogan's podcast. It can't be any simpler.

Notice how their panties are in a bunch over Joe Rogan while they say nothing of the lies coming from Fauci and the White House and the CCP.  Who, last I checked, were actively enslaving and exterminating an entire people group, the Uyghurs, and yet these same ignorant fascistic types have nothing to say about that.  And who released this virus on the world with zero accountability, while these same Leftwing fascists happily sit there and support the CCP's hosting of the Olympics.


Life often doesn't make sense, but the anti-podcast cancel culture makes even less sense.   No wonder our country is in the state it's in.

I have been a Premium user since 2013, and when I asked customer service to remove Joe Rogan from my frontpage or let me block him, (since as a paying customer, I specifically give them money to NOT get ads)....

Three customer service reps in a row hung up on me the moment I asked to have Joe Rogan removed.

So yeah that shows how much they care about their customers.

Don't like the Joe Rogan podcast, just don't listen to it. So very simple...

I don't don't agree with everything said on the Joe Rogan podcast, it's only a form of open discussion with different views.


I also don't like some other podcasts and chat shows on Spotify and the internet. I just don't go on the internet and call for it to be cancelled if I don't like it. I just switch it off and listen to something else.


Very simple.



Jan. 27th 2022 - @Jeff4Music signs up for Spotify

Jan. 28th 2022 - @Jeff4Music demands Spotify remove Joe Rogan and his popular podcast with millions of followers, or he'll cancel the free tier account he created the day prior. 😅




I am Freemium user (did cancel of Premium because of inflation reasons).

When I do not care about Rogan, I do care about seeing him daily on my app. It is on my nerves now.

Can someone please delete Joe Rogan from my Spotify Feed now! I do not want to see him anymore.

Not for two weeks straight, either.

I would support a button to remove Joe Rogan from the front page of the app so long as people couldn't use the same button to remove music pertaining to Black History Month, Pride Month, or any other virtuous promotion. 


If Spotify wont censor Rogan's hateful lies, they should at least allow us to deplatform him by proxy. 


if you remove joe rogan for the oh so terrible things he's done, i hope

you keep those standards and remove cardi b and many other artists who have admitted to doing terrible things in their past(without remorse).


he's just as misinformed about covid and medicine as the pharma industry is.

a sick patient is a paying customer after all.


i personally believe joe and cardi belong on the platform. for the love of god don't be nit-picky and woke. this is appallingly meek and fragile. 

no one paying u tho??? wyd with ur time then

The man-I use the term loosely-is a pariah. Take the loss and dump him. He's dangerous and you're only dragging your brand. 

Please don't try to push your political agenda onto musical service.  This is not the place. Do not listen to Rogan if you don't like his podcasts, and let the others choose for themselves, without your kind supervision.


I understand that you’re paying this guy a lot of money but you’re responsible for giving him a platform. A platform on which he spews vaccine misinformation detrimental to my family and the public’s health. Please stop paying him when he is not telling the truth and pushing debunked treatment options that could kill people. 

You can't ban stuff that you don't like. It doesn't work in real life, and it shouldn't work here.

Just as in real life, you can't burn down neighborhoods that don't qualify as "nice" in your opinion.

Neither can you shoot your neighbor.

But you can ignore them. Or move. Or work to change your neighbors (good luck) or pitch in and help fix that neighborhood that you feel is a blight on society.

I'm currently battling with Spotify, on having my playlists being TAKEN DOWN. Daily. Because Spotify decided to include an ability for people to REPORT playlists that "I just don't like."

Imagine a world like that. Really.

You don't like your neighbor? Let's just delete them.
You don't like that they're selling Halal Chicken at your grocer? Let's just delete the Grocer.
You don't like your congressman? Let's just delete him.

Yeah, if only it were that easy.

So, just as in real life, just like you drive by those homeless tents everyday, or that biker bar that you wished would just "go away" or that preacher on channel 121 that you wish would stop spewing forth the gospel nightly, or CNN for just telling us "one side of the story," you're going to have to grow up and realize that you can't have your way all the time.

Especially here, where we come to not only listen to all the great music the planet has to offer us. But to hear everyone else's opionions on everything under the sun.

And then make up our own minds whether its fact (after a ton of our own research) or fallacy.

As far as I know joe Rogan is on all platforms. Are you going to move to a different platform say YouTube music or Apple Music and ask for him to be banned there as well?

Your information is wrong. The JRE is distributed exclusively on Spotify
since 2020

It's absurd that Spotify still ignores user feedback. If I go open the app the first thing it's going to do is push of those freaks like Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson at me. If you turn off explicit content it still pushes explicit podcast recommendations into the feed. 


Your pointlessly belligerent stance has made it almost certain that I will never be a user, much less a paying one, ever again. This is in spite of having been a paying customer for almost 10 years before you started crapping out podcasts. Really all you had to do to continue to get money was to literally just leave me alone.

I've tried to discuss about similar things, about similar podcasts for example in different languages, but without a good reply. Some users have tried to argue with freedom of speech, but You know, how is It with freedom of speech. It's a pity, that some artists leaved Spotify due to such person, like one which You've mentioned on subject.

I have My own podcast on Spotify too (both English and Slovak) to spread normal facts, not misinformations, so It'll be good weapon too. But really, in this age, misinformations are dangerous.

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