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Being A Musician in 2022

Being A Musician in 2022

Have you ever had any doubts if you should be releasing music, as well as what people might think? I have, and I wrote this short piece about it.

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That's a nice read, and you've had a busy life too, really cool!


I'm not a musician, i'm a visual artist who draws and paints things for fun and occasionally for some money, so my view on these things comes from a listener and supporter point of view. And that of an artist with very little care of what others may think of my work.


It's good and it feels good to have the approval of people when it comes to your art. It may also be that the people around might not understand or get the direction you're taking, In any case you should have a vision in your head what you want to do with your art, and sometimes there are advises you shouldn't listen to.


I feel that when you've really enjoyed doing something and you fully believe in it, then there will be listeners/viewers that appreciate it too. It's also a neverending learning path and something that requires some form of healthy self-critique. As one man said: "If you think something you did is rubbish, it probably is. If you think it's good though, it might still be rubbish".


Productive form of love, probably. Overcome the fear of making yourself a fool, and you may still be a fool. : )

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