Better interface for audiobooks

Better interface for audiobooks


EDIT: the link seems broken. Spotify did not care about this feature request. You may feel free to create a new one.
(vote for this here:


It would be great to use spotify for audiobooks. Not just about having the content (which it already does), but rather having a better interface for using it.


The functionalities that would be great (from my personal experience) would be:

  1. Resume option. When I pause my book for listening regular music, I would love to resume it later, without having to memorize the exact minute)
  2. Replace the previous/next song buttons with -15s/+15s. When listening a book, I don't want to skip a song or play the song again. The regular previous/next buttons become useless in this mode. But sometimes I misheard a sentence and I just want to listen it again, thus the need for the -15s/+15s buttons.
  3. Playback speed. This is a really nice feature for audiobook lovers. If it is a more technical book, I may want to listen to it in a slower pace, say 0.8x. Or when I want to listen to it faster, so I can finish it sooner, I may want to go for 1.5x
  4. Books separated by chapters. This is not just a question of organization, but rather an interface issue. When the 'song' is 120 minutes long, it becomes really frustrating to just have a 5 minutes precision on the progress bar.
  5. Bookmarking. This seems obvious to me. I would bookmark some important part of the book, so I can review it later. 


There are of course many more features we would like. Maybe not all of these would make sence to Spotify. But I really believe this could improve the audiobook lovers UX. And (maybe) some of these features may be achieved with little effort.


What do you think? How many people would you need to agree with this?

Thank you 

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Actually, I just added this as an ideia here:


Vote it if you agree


Yes, playback speed for audiobooks, too, not just podcasts!

Sorry I have to complain again but this is another sad Spotify Usability story. If you're not able or willing to implement the resume feature for audio books that already works pretty well for podcast then PLEASE PLEASE let us decide on our own per playlist if we want the usual mode or a resumable mode for this specific playlist.

I would be most grateful and even pay 0,50€ more every month because that saved me hours of finding the last track again.


@tcarreira The Link is not working?

Supporting this.


It looks dead. Spotify did not care about this feature request.
I guess you could try again. I'm not using Spotify anymore

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