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Black friday promo 2022


Black friday promo 2022

There will be any Black Friday promo this year?

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What kind of promo are you looking for @jafc?


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Anual discount?

I'd like a free month or two myself -  🙂

Family Premium buy 10 get 2 free months for total 12 months? 

Hey there! I've been keeping an eye out for Black Friday deals myself, and I'm pretty sure there will be some awesome promotions this year. Retailers usually go all out during the holiday season to lure us in with discounts and special offers. It's become a bit of a tradition, right? So, while I can't say for sure about every store, you can always stay updated by visiting this site: They usually have the inside scoop on all the Black Friday goodness. I think there isn't a person who wouldn't want to take advantage of discounts on their favorite products.

Last year, nothing happened... 😞

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