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Censorship on Spotify? Update voting 26.05.21!!!

Censorship on Spotify? Update voting 26.05.21!!!

Update 26.05.2021:

Online Voting project  current Status 78,8% of the participants stated a clear NO to deleting the protest song...



Hi music lovers and Spotify team!

today the German brandnew protest rap song „ich mach da nicht mit“ by Rapbellions (Xavier Naidoo and others) was blocked here by Spotify.

By the way, personally I‘m not a Rap music fan at all and I don’t share each point of the message from the lyrics, which are critical regarding the COVID-19 measures of the German regime..

But I‘m a fan of freedom and at least art and music is a way to express freedom.

Now for me the question came up, are the German authorities such mighty to set a global music provider as Spotify under pressure to block uncomfortable content? Or was the blocking of the song a decision from Spotify itself?

Let‘s start a open, respectful and honest discussion, if we should support and pay for a platform which block content that political message doesn’t fit in the Mainstream?

It would be highly appreciated, if Spotify staff or moderator  join and describe their point of view on this issue.

Don‘t forget and learn from Germany’s dark history 1933-1944 where the regime decided if art ist valuable or not.

music = art = freedom 


Voting Mannheim24 Rapbellions .jpg
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Hi Spotify team,
please delight us with your point of view on this-thanks and stay free!

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