Censorship to JRE

Censorship to JRE


I can’t seem to play the Alex Jones , Joe Rogan episode.


I’m really concerned about censorship on this app.


Im an adult and I pay my subscription every month. I’d like to access all content, not just what some deem appropriate.


I’m guessing you’ve received a lot of backlash and I wanted to put my two cents in.. Please remember the loudest are not the majority of the rational American ppl. Most of us believe in free speech, regardless of the political side.


And most of us understand humor, please don’t help the woke crowd take that away.

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You brought Rogan over here because of his wide variety of people he has on, which is what makes his show great.  If people don't agree with Alex, they can just not listen.  This is crazy Spotify and you owe us some answers.  


Rogan just needs to leave and do his thing solo.  Too much drama.  Spotify seems to be going the way of twitter.  


If it's not back up in a week I'm going to cancel my account and move on to tidal. I was already halfway through it and didn't get to finish. 

Anyone who supports censorship is a bootlicker, spotify should be criminally investigated.


Completely agree. I thought that Spotify moved JRE over due to the people he had on and to be able to finally play whatever music he wants on there. This has been an awful experience so far and I'd much rather listen to JRE on other platforms now 

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