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Classical recordings (and some Jazz) versus pop music audio quality


Classical recordings (and some Jazz) versus pop music audio quality

We signed up for the Spotify Premium to try it out.

Previously I had only played LPs, then CDs, then burned CDs to iTunes, then bought some MP3s from Amazon and AFLAC from Apple, then recently, iTunes Radio (paid). But also used Pandora (free) too.


We play Premium through an iPad with the app via Airplay to a Yamaha reciever and Magnepan MMG speakers with a sub. I also play it to an Andrew Jones designed powered Wi-Fi speaker with both Airplay or Spotify (direct or, whatever you call it - built in to the speaker).


We figured, Premium to the Pioneer would sound the best. Maybe on the Spotify Wi-Fi option only. 

But, Spotify Premium sounds dead as can be no matter what system I play it on. Specifically, classical music. It is almost like the classical is NOT at the higher bit rate.


Compared to Apple Lossless (iTunes Radio or my own iTunes via Airplay), it is just horrible. Even Jazz is not as good as with the ALAC.

Is this, just the way it is? or am I missing something? I DID turn on the higher bit rate option. I use an iPad and iPod Retina as well as an iMac to play to all the systems. They are all set up correctly. 


Interestingly, Pandora, can and often does, sound better! That is the free Pandora on the Pioneer speaker. I suspect Pandora does some audio processing before they compress the file to help with quality - or some other audio compression voodoo. Spotify, seems to not do this.

BTW: When will Spotify offer lossless audio to Premium?

1 Reply

You are absolutely correct. Classical and jazz sounds horrible on spotify. The soul and tone of the instruments is just gone. Even youtube sounds better. Not sure if it's the compression being used or what. Anyone who thinks this is not being compressed needs to get a better system.

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