Delete or Clear the JUMP BACK IN list suggestions

Delete or Clear the JUMP BACK IN list suggestions


There needs to be a way to Clear the Jump Back In suggestions. This is annoying and Spotify seems to be the only App that does not allow you to clear history and reset. Why would I want to keep being reminded of some old **bleep** that I may have listened to on a whim and I don’t want to listen to again? I can find if I want to. Please change this. It should be easy enough to fix this in your next update.

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Hey, Amazon Music is offering a great deal for the holidays with 99 cents a month for three months.  I've tried to get Spotify to remove the Jump Back In section since it grabs things I listened to a year ago and don't want to listen to again.  I can't open Spotify without being reminded of that experience!  I've repeatedly commented in their "We're Listening" section, but they are obviously not listening.  Oh well, it was a nice run, but I'll take a look at what Amazon has to offer and then cancel my Spotify subscription.


So this is still broken. Spotify has continually reminded me of two albums that A) I'm pretty sure I've never listened to and B) can't even be played anymore!
That's all that's on the list and it hasn't changed in months.


This is still broken.


Does anybody want to respond to this? I don't want to listen to the Steve Miller Band that I listened to once as a joke. 


Please fix this, allow it to be cleared of reset. Or even move it to the bottom of the app, it gives useless suggestions.



Spotify.. please fix this. My use case is that I'm trying to get over a very problematic/difficult breakup with someone (actually an artist) and I don't want to see their album as the first tile every time I log into Spotify 😞 Please, I'm begging you. I'm on an Android phone but it shows up just the same on the desktop app.


SAME! my exes' playlists keep showing up because i listened to them a lot and I want them gone.

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