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Finally letting it go. Goodbye, Spotify


Finally letting it go. Goodbye, Spotify

For the first time in 10 years I am out. Spotify did not listen. They continued their ongoing paradigm. Then they raised the pricing. So they lose a decadal customer. I know this won't hurt them at all. They won't notice me gone (cries a little tear). But hey I didn't use the vast majority of what they offered anyway, their weak attempts at creating playlists for me - full of songs I literally just listened to. lol Spotify got so big it thinks it knows what I want. Nope. Fail. I don't want your DJ. I don't want your podcasts. I don't want your ignorant tailored playlists that are nothing more than songs I listened to yesterday. I don't want your cluttered and constantly changing UI. I don't want your new artists plastered all over my UI. I don't want broken apps that often do not function as intended and as advertised. You want me back? Offer a simplified, scaled back version at a reduced price. Period. I will not be using your free service either. There are other ways to get commercial free music. Spotify is no longer a viable option for me. Byeeeeee!

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Hey awesome! One less. 

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