Follow for follow. Help out a new Spotify artist

Follow for follow. Help out a new Spotify artist

Hi everyone, I was assigned an artist page by Spotify and I need help growing. If you follow my artist page "Roszo" I will follow back your user profile or if you have your own artist pages. Just make sure to reply to this message with either your user name or your artist name so I can find you and follow back. 


If you add my music to a playlist, I will return the favor as well by adding your songs to mine if you are an artist, or following a playlist of yours if you are a user.


Many of us on playlist exchange here are trying to grow, whether we are users or artists. Lets help each other out.

Thanks!  -Roszo


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Follow me - I'll follow you back! Updated daily. Indie - Beats - Chill 

I like your style! I curate a playlist for users with <1000 monthly listeners and have added your music to that playlist 🙂



Follow me

Hello there, i just followed you, My artist page is Saverio Collura

Followed you back. Thanks! 

Awesome! Thanks Katherine! I followed you and your playlist!

Thanks! Saverio Collura. Just followed you. Liked your "Up so High" tune. 

@SaverioCollura What a great song! I've added it to my playlist and followed you 🙂 

Follow me

Hi man your song "give it all" is really fantastic - I will gladly follow you - my pleasure 🙂 I will try to promote you in anyway i can, starting by adding it to my "way under the radar"-playlist. have a great day!




Hey Katherine!

I am new to this as well 🙂 My music has been on spotify for a while now.
How do i share the little box that you guys seem to be doing in the chats?
I would love your feedback on my tunes.
The concept of Dattilo, is focusing on the power of lyrics in song whilst connecting musicians globally.
Let me know what you think 🙂

Will do
I'll put you on a playlist as well
Best regards Martin
Here's a link to my band Tjuv

Hey 🙂

Thanks so much for getting in touch!
Can you tell me how to paste the little music box you guys do? Its some
sort of code that I don't know how...
I want to be able to share my songs not just the URL!
I followed you 🙂 Do you run a playlist as well?

Follow me back please. Victor Deng

Also can you follow my Real Chill Playlist

Nice sound you have. Reminds me a little of Grizzly bear and I love them! Keep up the good work, it looks promising 😉


If you want to check out my chill playlist please do 🙂

Awesomeeee! I've followed you 🙂 Are you able to put my tune on your
playlist? I'm loving your work!

Hey Man! I'm digging your stuff 🙂 are you willign to chuck me on your playlist? 🙂

Will do!

Great list! Are you able to add me? I will share with my friends! keep up the good work 🙂

Music box? Hmm. What did I miss?
Explain more .
I'll put you on some playlists thanks for great feedback

Awesome! Done 🙂 Hoepully you can add my songs to a playlist 🙂 Thanks!

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