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Follow profile with the same music taste

Follow profile with the same music taste

Hi, let's follow each other. I want to know people that have the same or similar taste in music, perhaps I will get to know new music by looking at what you are listening to these days! 😉

What I like?, check out my main playlist! 


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Followed 🙂

I like the name of your playlist!! hahah  

Oh cool! I like some of these people. I'm more into a little less intense rock. Maybe I could suggest a few people? 

1. Billy Cobb, is lesser-known but I love his music! He's got more of a punk vibe and is really experimental with his music.

2. Paramore, most people know them, Their older music is best

3. My Chemical Romance, I really enjoy all of their music except the Danger Days album. I found that it leaned too much in the pop-rock realm for my taste, But don't get me wrong I love them! 

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