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Game: Connect the last letter of a song title~


Game: Connect the last letter of a song title~

What will the last letter of a song title bring?

Will it lead to a totally unknown song?

Will it lead to a fully familiar song?

Will it lead to a long-lost song?

Or will it lead to liking a new-found song?

Whatever it will lead, it will be.


Game rules:

1. Post a song with a title that starts with the last letter of the previous posted song title. For example, if the first posted song is "Game", the next player will post the next song with a title that starts with the letter 'e' such as "Enigma" and this goes on.


2. The game will be restarted whenever a player connects the letter wrongly and the player before that will get to restart the game with a new song within 24 hours, if not, the player prior to him/her will restart the game after 24 hours. 


3. Songs can be from any languages and genres as long as the title starts and ends with Roman letters.


4.Songs posted cannot be reused in the same round unless they are covers or different versions.


That's all for now and hope everyone will have fun connecting and discovering songs~


Here it goes, the first song:


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~Game Results: 

Round 1: Track 1 to 19 (19 tracks, longest record so far)

Round 2: Track 20 to 23 (4 tracks, shortest record?)

Round 3: Track 24 to 38 (15 tracks)

Round 4: Track 39 to 54 (16 tracks)

Round 5: Ongoing (feel free to hop in at anytime~)


Here's the playlist for the collection of songs from this game:




460 Replies

@user-removed Let's restart the game! Did your post get removed?

@rossi1911 yes,  it's gone.  How do I get it back? 

@rossi1911 @BenitoKCM @gregom @dinomight @marcjungermann @JordanOakley @user-removed @benunion


Thank you for joining this game on discovering songs by connecting the last letter of a song title. The first round has ended with the collection of 19 songs. It was disconnected as the first letter of the last posted song "Troubled Love" by benunion did not begin with the letter "R" (Never Say Never posted by rossi1911). 


An applause to everyone and hopefully you have discovered something nice in the first round. And now, shall we begin the second round of this game with a chosen song by rossi1911


Here's the collection of 19 songs and feel free to listen to them at anytime:






@user-removed In the absence of @rossi1911 I'm totally starting Round 2 with one of the best songs of 2017



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@crematedman @BenitoKCM It's nice and thank you for posting your chosen  song but I'm sorry to let you know that  rossi1911 had restarted the game with this song:



@user-removed oo thank you!



@crematedman no problem~ 🙂 

Sorry @user-removed


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@user-removed great pick! 



@BenitoKCM No worries~ and nice song~!

@crematedman @BenitoKCM @rossi1911


😄 It's so quick and a little funny but Round 2 has come to an end~ BenitoKCM posted the song "Love Less" and crematedman posted "Land of 1000 Dances."


So, could BenitoKCM please choose a favourite song of yours to restart the game?


Here's the updated playlist:

Round 1: Track 1 to 19 (could it be than longer than this?)

Round 2: Track 20 to 23 (shortest record?) 




@crematedman The song itself and the song title spark interest to watch the movie~ Thanks~!

Well, I start with:

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