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Hot summer - how you make it cold at home?


Hot summer - how you make it cold at home?

Hey there.


Hot summer, it has begun!


How you manage to make your home more cold? I just purchased 2 of tower fans and with these no more too hot feel. 24,99 € / one. So almost 50 € and I have my 2 rooms more cold at summer when needed. These tower fans will not bring low temperature to home, but these make colder feeling.




Do you hate hot summers and how you make your home colder?

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Sad to say living in the Midwest U.S. where we get a very big range of weather conditions from frigid arctic blasts to hot muggy humidity from the Gulf States in the South or the swertling dry heat from the Southwest which usually starts in early July to mid and sometimes late September. But this season has been somewhat mild, the Spring started out somewhat warmer and dryer than usual, and then the rains kicked in like it should but about 3 weeks later where everything cooled down into high 80-90 degree ranges so it had been recently pleasant aside from the occasional noisy thunderstorm with heavy rains.


When it gets hot enough a simple energy effiecient window air conditioner is usually enough with a couple of tower fans to move the air about.

Just like the last poster, living in the Midwest is a real pain since our summers are just as extreme as our winters. 


Fans won't help you since they just blow hot air around, and can end up making the ambient temperature hotter since the motor heats up the air and whatnot. They'll make you feel a bit cooler since they blow moisture off your skin regardless, but it's not much once the temperature goes over 90F. 


Thankfully, a bit of internet research led me to find a solution that repurposes those fans. Go to YouTube and look up "five gallon bucket air conditioners". It's basically a large bucket with a couple holes in the side, with a fan blowing air into it from the top; inside you put a frozen gallon container of water (like a milk jug or something). It lasts ~4 hours before the water thaws and you need another frozen jug, but if you keep a few in the freezer you'll be good all day. 

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Hot summer? haha


Try living in Texas (where I live)


90-110 degrees fahrenheit every day during the summer (32-43 C)

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I live in England, and we get very, very humid weather in summer. People are surprised that my country gets decent weather because we are so far up north in the world.

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How about those movable/portable air conditioning systems?

btw the bladeless fan is one invention that looks nice, but it doesn't quite cool the house as well as i thought.
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It's hot as mental madness. Really it's too hot. I have 2 fans at maximum volume and it's a little better.








I go swim, help for sometime and again this madness.



Hey, man! I like your fans. I have Midea air conditioning. It is impossible to live without it in the heat. I'm in the South now. Recently my aircon has become dysfunctional and overheating. I thought I was going to die. It was too hot..I has eaten a kilo of ice cream while waiting for the aircon repair service guys. It's a good thing they had a broken part of AC with them. So they quickly fixed it. I was already looking for airtickets to fly to the North where the penguins live to escape that heat, lol.

If you complain about the heat in your room, move to Dallas. Man, here is the actual summer, not there. But, I feel you and highly understand. How we manage to fight with it? I have installed an Amana ac with ten years of maintenance. Ok, I didn't do that by myself. I was advised to call a professional team. They recommended the best ac to choose; they have installed it. And warn me that my ac would need to be regularly cleaned and checked on such a summer. I shouldn't be worried because they would take care of it. And yes, a cold lemonade is also recommended in hot summer. Don't hesitate to make one asap.

There are a variety of ways to stay cool during hot summer months without breaking the bank on energy bills. One way is to invest in a portable air conditioner or window unit, which can help regulate the temperature of a specific room or area. Another option is to use fans to circulate air throughout the home, which can create a cooling effect and help maintain a comfortable temperature. Additionally, keeping blinds or curtains closed during the day can help block out the sun and reduce the amount of heat entering the home. Another simple and effective tip is to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and avoiding sugary or caffeinated beverages, which can dehydrate the body and make it more difficult to stay cool. Lastly, consider wearing light and breathable clothing, and take advantage of cool showers or dips in a swimming pool to help regulate body temperature.

Yeah exactly.. we get hot summers as well so all window and doors are open in order to create a through draft if there is any wind at all, also we have fans that are on 24/7.

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