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How to get headphones to work more than 5 months?


How to get headphones to work more than 5 months?

Hey there. Sorry for my rant.


How to get some headphones that works at least for year??? I don't need headphones that lasts forever, but broken headphones after 5 months every day usage is **bleep**tiest thing I ever know. I'm **bleep**ing tired to these in ear hedphones. Every mark, every type of headphones not work more than 5 months with me.


Manufacturer says about this headphone:


  • Treadproof with Metal Housing: Metal housing and premium rubber casing withstands impacts including somebody stepping on the product.
  • Powerful Sound: With powerful 9mm drivers these headphones deliver a balanced sound experience coupled with a punchy bass performance.
  • Smart Reinforcement: Thanks to the tough tangle-free fabric cable and reinforced connectors these headphones are built to stand up to the wear and tear of your active lifestyle.
  • Comfortable for Long Wear: The deluxe ear sleeves enable you to wear your headphones for as long as you like without discomfort.
  • Customized Fit: Three sizes of soft ear sleeves enable you to customize the fit to your ears.

I purchased Philips O'Neill headphones SHO2200WT 20.11.2013 and today 14.04.2014 these are broken. I can't hear any sound from these. These are just dead. I know about guarantee etc. but you need to complain, then wait for new item to be posted and after 5 months these will be broken again.


How hard is to manufacture a headphones that works at least for year??? I now use my headphones supplied with Samsung Galaxy S 4 Mini and these are good for handsup. But I don't know for how long these will work, hopefully more than 5 months Angry


I'm mad and tired to these 5 months working in ear headphones.


Please how long you can use these in ear headphones? Some told me easily year or two. I always ask how you managed, **bleep**tiest in ear headphones was Creative EP630, these broken after month of usage!!! Got new one from guarantee 24 times and then money back. Tried Philips, they work at least 5 months, but not more. Where is in ear headphone that works at least for year. I listen only handsup and bass!

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I think it all depends on what brand you buy. I had a pair of Sony ear clip headphones with interchangable caps and retractable cord, they were my favorite headphones but unfortunately they only lasted two months. I then had a couple pair of Skullcandy headphones, they lasted me two years each.


Skullcandy and Sennheiser seem to be the popular brands of headphones because of their durability and rich sound. Unfortunately both are mad expensive(my Skullcandies were 70 dollars at the time) I now use my afterglow wireless headset and I have not had any problems with it yet.


But I hear you on the headphones lasting for only five months part, that really sucks.

Princess Autumn Starlight

Yeah. I enjoy thing sound now. It's not loud at all.


On new pair of Sennheiser volume 10 was even good to listen on phone. Now 13... And this stage is a bit loud, and bass increase, little. So there must be some problem with these. Warranty will refund or replace.


There must be some problems really, at least with bass produce and volume loudness. I will change to Sennheiser. Like 50 € Android earphones from brand or to 30 € Sennheiser w/o microphone.


Most likely don't want to wait postage of this item from their Internet store. I need my music - loud!!! And I want it now. So I will bike with my MTB 15 kilometers / road to shop just to get something better than Sennheiser Momentum - these not working right now at all. Sound it's like 5 € cheap earphones now.

I'm back in the mix.


New earphones


This model is 49 eur, so 95 eur was previous. They refunded all else from that - 36 eur. It sounds now clear and on my laptop I can listen music on volume 10/17 again clearly, on previous 12-13/17 needed last weeks...


With these guys I get another 2 years warranty. The shopguy said he can order my model, but he was thinking like for my 85 eur smartphone this could be as great and he can return everything else back to my bank account. And this really sounds the same, he was like you'll need a better phone anyway to get all from your 95 eur earphone model. It was odd to him too, why model was lower in sound than new - but they changed that and all solved.


Preparing for party now! 😉



These sounds so great, so I listen often on my smartphone also at home. Phone to the pocket, headphones on, Spotify playlist with play and here we go. Bassy music experience.


A way better than speaker. Hope they can add volume normalization to Android app.

Month has gone by since I listen only on my smartphone and these Sennheiser earphones. Really, it's all so cool, so I don't need even speaker back. So great music and you don't need to bother your neighbours with often-coming "Hands Up, mother**bleep**ers" in songs etc. And after all, by doing that, you can enjdoy your music - like music is in your head. I also purchased Wireless FM headphones for Philips TV from Philips. Now I watch Netflix more. Because with cans I can listen clearly, with hifi sound. On TV speakers sound is so thin, so no enjoyment onseries. But now... head/earphones however.


I just hope Sennheiser will last, as I use it every day for hours.

Hey, 4 months has gone by and these cans from Sennheiser are still serving me well. I use them for hours every day on my laptop, smartphone... I use only one pair of these on both of my things... It is well. This is so durable one, I think I will use it also year after.


Finally I managed to find my greatest pair of excellent sound!


Robust earphones


Sennheiser CX2.00G for Android


Now listening on these using laptop and Spotify Premium!


That's partially the reason why I don't care for earbuds. I use actual headphones instead because the sound is usually better, it's more comfortable for me, and I don't have to worry about it falling in the sink while washing dishes.


After 5 months again broken, tomorrow will replace with new from warranty. No sound, no bass, weak even at max volume.


And what's more fun, these dead at same song as previous:


I am done with Sennheiser. 79 eur earbuds 10.10.2015 and now remote control dead - volume up is not working at all or needs tough press before works, also microphone quality is laughable. Advertised hullabaloo remover is not working, outside call is impossible and all are asking are you far away from phone? Also earbuds wents aeay too easily, or they are in the ears when you remove earphones itself. I am tired to search these from the street/floor. Going to return Sennheiser CX5G. I will ask refund as these are 3rd!!! And Expensive ones, no work better than 20 € models. Maybe a bit better sound, but nothing more. I get same 2 years warranty with 20 eur earbuds.

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