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How to get headphones to work more than 5 months?


How to get headphones to work more than 5 months?

Hey there. Sorry for my rant.


How to get some headphones that works at least for year??? I don't need headphones that lasts forever, but broken headphones after 5 months every day usage is **bleep**tiest thing I ever know. I'm **bleep**ing tired to these in ear hedphones. Every mark, every type of headphones not work more than 5 months with me.


Manufacturer says about this headphone:


  • Treadproof with Metal Housing: Metal housing and premium rubber casing withstands impacts including somebody stepping on the product.
  • Powerful Sound: With powerful 9mm drivers these headphones deliver a balanced sound experience coupled with a punchy bass performance.
  • Smart Reinforcement: Thanks to the tough tangle-free fabric cable and reinforced connectors these headphones are built to stand up to the wear and tear of your active lifestyle.
  • Comfortable for Long Wear: The deluxe ear sleeves enable you to wear your headphones for as long as you like without discomfort.
  • Customized Fit: Three sizes of soft ear sleeves enable you to customize the fit to your ears.

I purchased Philips O'Neill headphones SHO2200WT 20.11.2013 and today 14.04.2014 these are broken. I can't hear any sound from these. These are just dead. I know about guarantee etc. but you need to complain, then wait for new item to be posted and after 5 months these will be broken again.


How hard is to manufacture a headphones that works at least for year??? I now use my headphones supplied with Samsung Galaxy S 4 Mini and these are good for handsup. But I don't know for how long these will work, hopefully more than 5 months Angry


I'm mad and tired to these 5 months working in ear headphones.


Please how long you can use these in ear headphones? Some told me easily year or two. I always ask how you managed, **bleep**tiest in ear headphones was Creative EP630, these broken after month of usage!!! Got new one from guarantee 24 times and then money back. Tried Philips, they work at least 5 months, but not more. Where is in ear headphone that works at least for year. I listen only handsup and bass!

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I love reading rants 🙂


I have urbeats and v-moda lp2, the both have been working for me for over 6 months. (I lled. My beats broke after 8 months, but I sent them back and got a brand new pair in less than a week. I actually accidently washed the new pair in the washer and they still work just as good) I've had my v-moda lp2 for about 4 months and they are still going strong.


In my opinion, all beats other than the in-ear earbuds are overpriced (not horrible just overpriced for plastic headphones). My piece of advice is to look on YouTube for product reviews, before you buy almost ANY tech over $50. It lets you know the good from the bad, and the bad from the ugly. 


Hope this helps,


Buy better headphones.. simples


Military communication system

@Elsalvador wrote:

Buy better headphones.. simples

This is good idea, but I tried all type of earphones. They just don't work more than 5 months. I don't think that 150 € earphones can work any better.

I've got a pair of Sony MDR-ZX600s and they've lasted me around 18 months so far, use them every day, leave them on the floor etc...


Maybe you've just been unlucky!


A friend of mine got Sony MDRE820LP In-Ear Headphones in October, and they get used for about 6 hours a day and still going strong. They are quite cheap but give good audio for the price. The cable is also nice and long and easy to de-tangle. 🙂

Now my Samsung earphones are dead, can't hear sound most of time.  Philips sending soon replace, so I hope to enjoy new Philips next week. Other testheadphone worked all the time  in this phone, so it must be a same thing in my Samsung earphones. Big smile


Big smile Big smile Big smile Big smile I have no idea what is that crap. These earphones just doesn't like me. Big smile Big smile Big smile Big smile

My JVC last for years but I use and don't abuse


I fold them up nicely and put them back in the case when not in use.


Most cable failures are because people screw them up and stick them in their pocket/bag or whatever.


respect your headphones and they will reward you with years of good service, well mine have.!

I don't know how, but my Philips earphones works now again, I can hear sound clearly. Don't know how 5 days ago no sound from 2nd earphone.


So, let the music do the job. Bass louder. Hands up will never die! Music

@Richard turned me on to this stuff he saw on Kickstarter

He used it to repair the jack-end of some headphones when the connection started to fail, still working at the moment.

I haven't had time to repair my set of recently broken headphones with it, but I'll try it soon and let you know how it goes!

Hey there. Replacement on it's way.


I don't know why they works now, but after some time they sounds low. After time of offline, they works again...


Never had this problem before, maybe they just don't like bass... odd problem. Philips said too, but they replace it.




My phone, Spotify and THT 🙂

UPS ❤️


Now I have these replacements.Great sound and louder than previous same hwadphone! So my problem is now fixed. Thank you Phiips shop and customer service. Replacement as my first purchase from Netherlands.


I can now listen hands up with best volume at 12/15, at previous needed to listen almost at 15%15 to hear something... I like bass! Like Basslovers United!


Philips earphones with BASS

I have had The Fix by Skullcandy since Christmas and in addition to being super cool quality sound they have not shown the slightest sign of breaking or having loose wires or anything. In general with headphones you get what you pay for, but I know how you feel, before my current pair I had gone through at least half a dozen headphones in as many months. Hope you find your perfect pair

"I will slay you, Vandheer Lorde!"

What's a Spotify Rock Star, and how do I become one?

Again this crap!


Headphones broken


Sound is normal, but one speaker grill dead... I need to replace these with guarantee 3rd time in less than year!!! How to get this garbage to last? May I need to ask Philips Store to send 150 € earphones and get discount from this purchase 40 €? So I would need to pay only 110 €? Better earphones, more price???


Listen hands up! And now may I ask 3rd replace from Philips? Less than year and these 2rd earphones. 1st was sound sometimes very low. Now speaker grill moved away when I was listening Manian - Ravers Fantasy (Basslovers United Remix Edit) Big smile Maybe I ask this time 150 € earphones from Philips store and if they can offer -40€ as these broken so many times in year... So if I just pay 110 € for 150 € earphones. Maybe with these I listen hands up next time? Basslovers United Remix! Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam... Big smile

Hey there.


I have complained about earphones, but they asked to verify how much I used these, and how much times before they are changed over warranty. 40 € headphones, already once replaced with same 40 € and even 6 € postage replaced as warranty. But I don't think Philips will be sending 3rd pair... For year 2 headphones great deal for 40 €... I listen so much music... I wait answer form Philips, but I have purchased a one piece from Pioneer.


How in the earth I can provide these stats to Philips how much hours I have listened on these earbuds? I better buy new one, not from Philips. Ha! I provided info I listen music every day for hours and the speaker grill went out by itself...


Pioneer SE-CL711


Pioneer stuff is 25 €. I have Pioneer SMA1 Spotify speaker, so I liked to try Pioneer. As I'm satisfied with Pioneer speaker. For 25 € headphones provides tight bass and loud! Really much better sound than in 40 € Philips 😄 So clear vocals and voice not as muddy. Bass very clear, but powerful. Quality of build is ok for this price. Great plastic 🙂 They advertised this stuff for club music... And heck, I listen club music all the time! Handsup, techno, jumpstyle, dancecore...


Really for 25 €... it's so great garbage! You can't find better sound for 25 €!!!








always headphone, it's how i'm happy

Philips no answer to my question about replace. Even if provided answers for questions... They don't want to replace piece 2nd time. Bye bye, Philips headphones. Now in garbage!


I have receipt even.


20.11.13 order date.


Pair died on hands 14.04.14 and replaced with new.


They replaced it with new, UPS delivered in time. 15.04.14 reported and new pair in hands in week.


This replaced pair died on hands 12.10.14.


13.10.14 let Philips know, they asked some questions about problem and then said we're investigating. Now no hear from these... So they don't want to replace another time 40 € earphones.


Philips earphones - 6 Month surprise. Two pair used in year, new and replacement. Now they don't want to send another pair...


Pioneer headphones, this is how I'm happy right now 😄



Today received information that Philips not received any answer from my end and they re-sended questions.


I sended again these... now waiting answer to arrive. Maybe this time I get replace... maybe not...

Now I contacted over chat, they said my another mail was delivered to them and they investigating and can't promise answer ???


I think they don't want to do a thing... bad company in earphones. Even if I know they won't replace it once again another time... they could tell this! We do not replace your earphones 2nd time. I had now 2 pairs all garbage stuff, 3rd they don't send!


1st purchase to garbage after 6 months, 2nd replace to garbage after 6 months, now they don't want to send another pair...  Warranty 2 years... 40 € was price, but no warranty after one replace pair to original.


Pioneer earphones are still working, oh my gosh - thank you Pioneer! Now for 2 months. Hope we can make great team together for year at least!

Sennheiser have always been my brand of choice.

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